Twenty children's games in one, to educate and entertain toddlers and small children. The games feature cute, colorful cartoon art and lively sound effects. The user interface is specially designed to allow children to explore and enjoy the games on their own.

Game menu

Easy to use menu for all games. Simply click on your favorite game and play.

Building blocks

Stack the colorful blocks any way you like in this challenging physics game. Works with or without gravity!

Draw the tracks

Drag your finger on the screen to create a train track, road or airway over the on-screen scenery, then watch as the cartoon trains, cars and airplanes travel along the paths while making their distinctive sounds.

Match the pairs

Tap the screen to reveal pictures of the cartoon vehicle characters and excercise your memory by matching the pairs of identical pictures.

Connect the dots

Tap on the numbered dots in sequence to reveal the hidden image.

Water paint

Brush your finger over the black-and-white sketches to reveal the colors that complete the picture.

Music room

Tap on the cartoon characters and hear the sounds they make.

Picture puzzle

Reassemble the scrambled pictures by dragging the tiles to their correct place on the canvas.

Scratch the cards

Scratch with your finger the card to unveil the picture.

Finger paint

Choose colors from the palette and brush your finger over the canvas to color-in the black-and-white sketches using your own imagination.

Chalk on Blackboard

Drag your finger on screen to draw letters, numbers, etc on the blackboard.